Multi-Camera System Based Driver Behavior Analysis Final Report, Winter 2013

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University:University of Pennsylvania
Principal Investigator:Jianbo Shi, Yedong Niu, Qiong Wang
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Abstract:Understanding driver behavior is an essential component in human-centric driver systems. Particularly, driver's interaction with the environment is an important factor in controlling the vehicle, though there have been very few research studies on analyzing driver behavior. Multi-camera array system has a variety of applications because of its improved resolution, frame rate, depth of field, dynamic range and disparity map from such system. In this report we present an implementation of multi-camera array system with GoPro cameras to interact with the external environment of a moving vehicle on streets. So far, our major contribution contains speci c analysis of GoPro hardware and protocol, integrating the system with various sensors to collect both internal and external environment information. We also introduce a calibration and recti cation method with bundle adjustment for the multi-camera array and optimize the calibration algorithm of First Person Vision glasses. Our goal is to implement realtime intension prediction of drivers with the multi-camera array system.
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