Determinants of Roadway Accident Rates

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Principal Investigator:John Landis
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Abstract:The project goal is to obtain a quantitative understanding of the determinants of highway accident rates on a link-by-link basis. Most research into highway accident rates looks at overall accident rates by facility type. Using detailed roadway accident data provided by PennDOT, this research will build a series of statistical models to explain why accident rates are higher or lower on particular (quarter-mile or less) highway links as a function of time of day, weather conditions; month, traffic volumes and congestion levels, roadway width and geometry, line-of-sight visibility; presence of exits and entrances; and vehicle mix. Preliminary results, from I-76 data, reveal accident rates to be sensitive to traffic congestion, roadway geometry and entrance/exit locations, and weather conditions. These models will be extended to all limited-access roadways in Pennsylvania. Data on driver behavior will also be incorporated.
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