Pedestrian-Friendly Traffic Signal Control

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Principal Investigator:Stephen Smith, Xiao-Feng Xie
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Total Dollars:$50,000
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Project Status:Complete
Subject Categories:pedestrians and bicyclists
Abstract:The project goal is to add pedestrian detection capabilities, so as to give pedestrians first-class consideration when allocating green time on traffic lights. Vehicle traffic patterns can cause excessively long wait times and an increasing tendency for pedestrians to ignore signals and cross amidst oncoming traffic. Recent work on adaptive traffic signal control in urban environments has demonstrated the potential for significant gains in vehicle travel times, traffic throughput and air quality. Our effort will aim to reduce jaywalking and illegal crossings, and, therefore, improve the overall safety of pedestrian travel. We will leverage our recently-deployed SURTRAC adaptive traffic signal control system, and its pilot deployment in Pittsburgh. SURTRAC takes a decentralized yet coordinated approach to traffic network control. We will extend SURTRAC to consider pedestrians, and study tradeoffs against vehicle flow objectives.
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