Large-Scale Connected Vehicle Simulator/Emulator

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Principal Investigator:Raj Rajkumar
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Total Dollars:$75,000
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Project Status:Complete
Subject Categories:Vehicles and equipment
Abstract:The project goal is to enable highly scalable, low-cost and high-fidelity techniques for testing the efficacy of connected vehicle applications. Large-scale testbeds are necessary for validating the safety benefits and efficacy of connected vehicle technologies. The USDOT-sponsored safety pilot project being conducted by UMTRI is an example of the large investment and effort required. Once the safety pilot is completed, new hypotheses (such as longer-range radios) and policies cannot be evaluated. VeWe propose to extend AutoSim, a hybrid emulator/simulator developed by CMU, to generate several thousand virtual vehicles within a metropolitan area. AutoSim will allow real vehicles with DSRC radios to interact with the virtual vehicles in real-time and to evaluate Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) features. AutoSim includes models for communication, mobility, intersections, dynamics and maps.
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