Bus-Turn Detection and Pedestrian Warning System

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Principal Investigator:C.J. Taylor
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Project Status:Complete
Subject Categories:Pedestrian and bicyclists; public transportation; safety and human factors
Abstract:Turning buses at intersections represent a significant threat to pedestrians. Buses must make wide turns to avoid traffic in other lanes, while making narrow-enough turns to avoid hitting the curb and pedestrians. Collisions occur most commonly in intersections in downtowns. For example, hundreds of individuals are struck annually in the Greater Philadelphia area. This will keep pedestrians safer, and allow agencies like Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) to reduce major litigation costs. We will construct an embedded system to detect when a bus is making a turn at an intersection. This system will then warn approaching pedestrians, as well as the bus driver about the impending risk of collision. Components will consist of accelerometers and gyroscopes, GPS, magnetic compass, and an embedded computer that will process and classify the incoming sensor data in real-time. The performance of the turn detection system will be evaluated and then used to activate a pedestrian warning system consisting of aural and visual warnings.
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