Enhancing the Safety of Visually Impaired Travelers in and around Transit Stations

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Principal Investigator:M. Bernardine Dias
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Total Dollars:$50,000
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Project Status:Complete
Subject Categories:Transportation – general, Terminals and facilities, Safety and human factors, Society, Public transportation, Passenger transportation, Planning and forecasting
Abstract:Safety is a primary concern for the visually impaired when navigating unfamiliar urban environments. Day-to-day activities such as using transit systems remain challenging tasks for people with visual impairments even though the use of transit systems is often a key factor for participation in employment, educational, social, and cultural opportunities. This work explores the specific challenges encountered by visually impaired travelers when navigating in and around transit stations, and examines several technology options for enhancing safety for this population during their use of transit stations. The project will therefore enhance safety for visually impaired travelers using public transit stations.
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