Efficient 3D Accident Scene Reconstruction

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University:Carnegie Mellon University
Principal Investigator:Luis E. Navarro-Serment
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Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization): $100,278.00
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Project Status:Complete
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Abstract:In this project we leverage recent developments in the field of computer vision to develop a system capable of reconstructing scenes in 3D using low-cost cameras, such as the ones embedded in cell phones and tablets. Techniques currently available are capable of taking a group of unordered images as input, and producing a 3D reconstruction of the scene as output. We will use these techniques to develop a practical and efficient system for 3D accident scene reconstructions. An app will assist the user in taking a complete and adequate set of images. After the data acquisition the images are analyzed and a high fidelity model of the accident scene is reconstructed. Using such a system is much more time efficient and cost effective than current methods that use laser scanners. The time saved will significantly reduce delays and congestion. Improving the quality of accident investigations will give better insight into the causes of accidents and thereby inform strategies to improve safety.
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