In-Situ Monitoring of Driver Workload

Source Organization:UTC (and GM grant as matching)
Principal Investigator:SeungJun Kim
PI Contact Information:Human-Computer Interaction Institute, NSH (Newell-Simon Hall) 2502, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412-715-4950
Project Manager:
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization):$40,000 (awarded - UTC 2014 fund) and $30,000 or so (matching - GM grant, as of Nov. 2013)
Total Dollars:$70,000 or so (UTC 2014 fund + GM matching fund)
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Project Status:Complete
Subject Categories:In-Vehicle Safety Technologies (a.2.5) - based on the proposal.
Abstract:The project goal is to reduce the cost to a driver's attention and cognitive workload by maintaining a balance between a driver’s situational awareness and in-situ capability behind the wheel. When humans are overloaded, humans suffer from a lack of situation awareness, causing unsafe situations while driving. Adaptive information systems support users’ in-situ decision-making, especially in situations of high uncertainty.

We plan to develop a model that determines which information to convey to drivers in an attention-risk situation, and then assess the model based driver/driving states. When context-sensitive information is presented (e.g., navigation information and ads), we will model the perceived value of that information and determine the cost of presenting that information.
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