Automatic Object Detection with Rear Cameras

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PI Contact Information:HH B205, Dept. of ECE, CMU, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
phone: (412) 2683026
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Total Dollars:$50,000 (UTC) + $25,000 (Discretionary)
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Project Status:Complete
Subject Categories:In-vehicle safety technologies, rear cameras, object detection
Abstract:The project goal is to develop automatic object detection in images/video provided by the rear cameras. Such automatic object detection can provide an alert to the driver. According to, the number of backing-up fatalities increased five-fold from 88 (1996-2000) to 448 (2006-10). Our object detection method will consist of 3 steps. (1) Normalization: Images acquired change in appearance due to weather and illumination conditions, lens distortion and other factors. (2) Feature Computation: Systematically evaluate and select features. (3) Classification: Determine the presence of objects.
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